Trending Now:  Kings and Queens

Trending Now:  Kings and Queens

Marketing has evolved over the years. In fact, it evolves almost daily and marketing professionals have to be constantly learning new technology to reach their potential customers. Hubspot recently reported Mobile commerce will account for 24.4% of overall ecommerce revenues by the end of 2017 and that 44% of consumers would like brands to deliver deals and coupons to their mobile devices.  We can safely say that this is what is trending, especially the coupons, in the Cayman Islands!

Once upon a time, coupons were unheard of in Cayman. Tried by many retailers, suppliers and brands they never gave the ROI they had hoped for.  Now, with social media in the mix, it’s the right time and the right marketing approach.  Radio stations are successful in promoting similar deals to that of US favorite “Groupon” and Telecoms providers are utilizing smart phones to do a new kind of direct marketing. Old School, snail mail direct marketing would go to each recipient PO Box with their name impressively typed or written on the envelope or piece of mail.  Today’s trending direct marketing – goes straight to their smart phone, at the end of a call or via text message with a live link that brings up a redeemable coupon.  These coupons and end of call messages deliver analytics, once clicked, allowing the retailer to know if their promotion is working.  It’s a win-win so to speak. Consumers are getting a great deal, promoters are finding out, in real time, if what they are doing is working.

Trends.  Some of the current trends have been trending for a while according to Forbes.  These include social media.  That’s right – we all know the popularity of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Well, maybe not Instagram, but it’s now up there with the two big Social Media leaders.  Forbes declares that Social media isn’t going anywhere.  Business 2 Business reports the following statistics on social media website Facebok:

  • The revenue earned for the full year 2014 was – $12.47 billion.
  • The daily active users on the social media website were 890 million on an average in December 2014.
  • 64% of Facebook’s monthly active users visit the social media website on a daily basis.

We’ve likely all heard the saying “content is king”. This is still true. Current trends show that all technologies pull from the content of your website for SEO, so make sure your content is stout, factual and robust. When there is a King, there should be a Queen! With the current trends, maybe video is the Queen.  Trending shows video is here to stay and will only grow in popularity.  Keeping your social media alive and well is best done with video. In fact, video is one of the fastest growing marketing trends.  We aren’t talking about your cell phone quick slo mo shoot taken for fun.  Those have been trending for quite a while, and everyone likes those.  We’re talking about the professional shoot that features your brand.  A short video that has a true story behind it, a commercial with meaning and substance.  Interesting content, not too long, seconds in fact, It has to keep the viewers attention. This trend is amplified by technology that takes video to new interactive levels, from robotics to augmented reality to interactive video apps, video is something all Marketing Agencies should be considering in their spectrum of offerings.