The Creator’s Digest: January 2020

The Creator’s Digest: January 2020

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The word CREATIVITY means to grow! IT’s as simple as that. This word is often used in the application of skills – professionally and artistically. As designers within the field, this is the way we live, breathe, eat and sleep. Funny enough we embrace the originality of making unique connections between disparate ideas. This ‘creativity’ is the journey into identifying and communicating our everyday actions.

For you to be creative, try starting with these three (3) steps:

  1. Imagine your surroundings as beautiful and as eccentrically as you. Embrace the colors and textures as this will bring unexpected inspirations and new thoughts!
  2. Discover new places!
    This could be whatever you wish for it to be…. New restaurants, new roads, new bookstores and almost anything that you HAVE NEVER DONE BEFORE. You should find some level of discovering the new and unknown to be the booster you new for creative abilities.
  3. Try to do old things in a new way!
    Things don’t always have to be done the same way all the time. If it was so, there would be no need for us as creative beings to be living on the face of the earth.
    Reinvent the wheel…trust me…it brings new learning opportunities.

We live in a fast-paced world, and often times you will need to slow down and savor things. This will help you translate your ideas in writing, sketching or it can be as detailed as a complete art piece.

Sometimes, you will be required to channel your inner child and explore your surroundings. Your love for colors, typography and all things great and small will ignite your childish curiosity, imagination and hunger for growth. Jot down small ideas and observations to develop them later. NEVER THROW YOUR IDEAS AWAY! You might not need them now, but at some point in life, you will need to revert to these “What ifs”….So many interesting experiences and things in life start with “What If”.

Come on…you can do it! Let’s Get that CREATIVE juice flowing!