Sharing Our Passion with The Caymanian Youth of Today

Sharing Our Passion with The Caymanian Youth of Today

As young entrepreneurs here at FSH Design Ltd – we are hungry and ready to help bring Cayman businesses the marketing they deserve. We focus on a plethora of services that reach your target audiences from digital to print media. What separates us from the rest is elevated focus & the personalized attention with our clients. We don’t look at our clients as just another number but rather as a respected and trusted friend. We believe that it takes teamwork to make the dream work. This spring we decided to expand our team/ dream by sharing this passion in marketing with two wonderful interns. They not only took hold of each task head on but excelled in marketing as a whole. They quickly became a part of our FSH family and with no surprise joined in on all the fun. Like any parent guiding and nurturing the youngest members of the family; we were sad to see them leave the nest and face the world on their own. We are so proud of Shamelia McPherson & Jerome Mills for all their dedication and incredible work. Before their departure, we asked them to share one last note of their experience here at FSH Design.


“My time at FSH Design has been nothing short of amazing, the people, the tasks, and the working environment made for an experience that I will never forget! I will always cherish the time that I spent here and take all the things I’ve learned with me wherever I go. This experience was priceless, and I am extremely happy that I have gotten the chance to work here as not just an intern but a part of a team, a part of the family.

I remember the day Ileana came to give a little presentation to my Interact by Rotary group, I was so interested in what she had to say because it was something I could relate to loving, graphic design. I was able to express my creativity and challenged to expand it, that was one thing among many that made me really enjoy working here. The fun times, laughs, learning experiences, and bonding really made the experience one of the best. Thank you FSH Design!” – By: Jerome Mills


End of the road….. 

“My time here has come to an end, but I can say with the utmost confidence that it has been a tremendous experience working here and getting some exposure to this industry. I have gained lots of knowledge on the basics of working in this field, as well as, had the opportunity to work alongside such incredibly fun and talented individuals. I am really glad that I had the opportunity to be here because it has increased my interest in potentially pursuing a career in this field. I would like to thank Fran, Ileana, and Matt for being such amazing individuals and allowing my experience here to be so enjoyable. I hope to take the knowledge and experience I have gained here to do great things in this field and it would not have been possible without the FSH family. <3” – By: Shamelia McPherson