Intern Marketing in the Summer Sun

Intern Marketing in the Summer Sun

We at FSH Design have had a very bright summer thus far in having Olivia Gemmiti as our new Intern. We were able to highlight some crucial steps to Online Marketing and Social Media Awareness. She advanced her skills with excellence and was keen from start to finish. Our goals with our interns was to reveal the wonders of Marketing to the youth of today. We wanted to share our passions to the future generations and allow them to explore this exciting realm. It was time to add advertising exploration into our family and of course to let our own imaginations grow even further.

Olivia Gemmiti says,

To me, marketing is presenting a company in a way that formulates a certain image of that company in the consumer’s mind. There may be a product that isn’t very illustrious, yet with good marketing, the target audience can be found. On the flip side, good marketing can really bring a good product to light and make it even better. Effective marketing can even establish a unique brand personality within the market and distinguish a company from its competitors.

I have learned the behind the scenes of what goes into a company’s posts on social media. Social media marketing is something that I am really interested in learning about. This is because mastering social media is becoming so vital to a company’s success in marketing and I believe that this trend will only develop in the future. Being able to learn skills regarding the business side of social media will be super useful when I have a job of my own because I would have gained all this experience in how to achieve posts with maximum potential.

During my time here at FSH, I was excited to learn of the broad range of services that FSH provides to gain further insight into this industry. I haven’t quite decided on where I want my career to go just yet, so being able to truly immerse myself in potential options for what I could go into is really fun and I’m so glad I get to have this experience here.

My time at FSH Design has come to an end and I can say that I am leaving here with a lot more knowledge than I had when I walked in. I was able to be extremely hands on and I really saw the benefits of working at a smaller company. When I came in to this internship, I didn’t realize just how broad the field of marketing was. From social media to poster design to event planning, I got to see it all.

Thank you to FSH for giving me this opportunity!